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The Benefits of Short Term Leasing

Compare Your Car Lease is pleased to announce that we are now able to offer short term car leasing contracts for business clients. You may be wondering what this means and what the benefits are for you versus a standard long term contract. Hold on, we’ll walk you through it. 

So, what’s short term leasing all about? Well, short term leasing contracts are perfect for business customers who are looking for a more short-term solution that tends to fall somewhere between a single day lease and a more traditional longer term lease. As you may know, the typical duration for a long term lease is about 24 months, whereas you will see short term leases lasting between 6 and 18 months. 

Why should you consider a short term leasing arrangement?

There are many reasons for you to consider a short term lease for your business including new start-up companies, new staff members, new technology and extended lead times for new car orders. Let’s take a look at these reasons in more detail:

  • New start-up companies - So, you’ve just started a new business and you have limited accounts on your books and you’re probably finding it hard to find a leasing provider that is willing to offer you their services. You’re also facing the challenge that you don’t know exactly how much your business will be able to spend on car leasing for your employees. Well, short term leasing might be the solution for you. The risks are much lower than with regular long term leasing which we hope relieves some of the stress from the situation. It will even help improve your business as you will be able to show up to meetings in a shiny new car which is guaranteed to make a good impression with potential clients and bag you more business.
  • New staff members - When hiring new personnel you will often put new employees on a probationary period for the first few months of them joining your business. If this is a policy your company utilises and your new staff member needs to use a lease car to carry out the duties of their job role, you would understandably be unwilling to enter into a long term lease arrangement while their position is up in the air. After all, you have no idea how long the staff member will end up remaining at your company and its not worth that risk. This is where short term leasing provides one of its strongest positives. You can lease a car short term for your new member of staff to enjoy while they are in their probationary period. This will then give you plenty of time for both you and them to decide whether they are the right fit for the job role. If things don’t work out between the two of you, you can simply return the car at the end of the lease period. 
  • New technology - We think this one is pretty self explanatory.. With a short-term leasing solution you’ll have access to upgrade to the latest models and enjoy everything that comes along with them much sooner. You’ll be able to use all the latest motoring technology and safety features that come along with advancing vehicles. You’ll be able to enjoy that new car look and feel more often than ever with our short-term leasing agreements. They can also be used as a chance to have an extended “test drive” with a vehicle before you commit to a long term lease at a later date.
  • Extended lead times on your new car order - Lastly, you may have decided to purchase a brand new car but with everything going on with COVID-19 you may be experiencing longer lead times before your car is actually delivered. This is where short term leasing could be an ideal solution for you to bridge the gap.

What are the advantages of short term car leasing?

Of course, we wouldn’t try to sell you a short term lease if there wasn’t many advantages to them over long term leases. So, let’s discuss a few below:

  • Short term leasing is cheaper than daily car hire costs.
  • You will always pay a fixed monthly fee and can budget accordingly.
  • Vehicles that are in-stock have a faster turnaround after completing you credit checks (generally around 14 days).
  • Your Road Fund License, Manufacturer Warranty and Breakdown are included in the contract price.
  • Delivery is available nationwide and in most cases the collection and delivery of your vehicle will be included in your total rental cost.
  • There are no long term commitments to continue with the leasing following your short term lease agreement.
  • You will have to deal with fewer maintenance costs and most new vehicles will not have to undergo any maintenance work while in your possession under a short-term leasing contract. 

For more information on the benefits of short term leasing and how they could benefit your business, please contact us today and a member of our leasing team will be happy to help.

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